Which Rubber Should I Be Using?

No need to struggle with “rubbery” decisions




As part of our ongoing quest to bring our customers even more technical back-up,

we bring your attention to an ISO Chemical Resistance Table.

Deciding on the best rubber to use in a particular situation can be a tough decision… some might say a “rubbery decision”. But it doesn’t have to be. The J-Flex Expert recommends the ISO Chemical Resistance Table, ISO/TR 7620:2005 as your quick reference bible.

This rubber materials and chemical resistance guide lists substances to which rubber based materials are resistant*.
It gives guidance on the behaviour of different types of rubber in contact with chemicals such as acids, alkalis, aqueous solutions, solvents and oil.

The information included in the guide is provided based on the practical experience of manufacturers and users of rubber materials. Compiled to assist you, J-Flex recommends it as an exceptionally useful document in making that “rubbery” decision easier to handle.

It is only available from British Standards Institute (an A4 44 page guide) and if you would like to purchase a copy of this chemical resistance table please click on the link:-

British Standards Institute

* Please bear in mind that commercial grade sheeting’s cannot solely be judged according to their polymer,
due to the fact that most commercial grade materials are blended on economic grounds.

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