What is a Fluoroelastomer?

Fluoroelastomers are fluorinated synthetic polymers designed for harsh environments including aggressive chemical and temperature applications.

Fluoroelastomer compounds are based on polymers that take advantage of the high strength of the fluorine to carbon bond and the high ratio of fluorine to hydrogen.

This unique chemistry and proper compounding means that some Fluoroelastomer materials can perform continuously in temperatures of 204°C and 300°C intermittently.

The ASTM D2000 designation of Fluoroelastomers is HK, meaning the highest heat resistance and the lowest swell available of rubber types.

Fluoroelastomers are made and marketed by some of the world’s largest chemical corporations including :-

Chemours – Viton ; Dyneon Chemicals Dyneon®;Solvay – Technoflon® & and Daikin – Dai-El®.

J-Flex is an official licensee of the Chemours Viton Scheme – HOWEVER, we do respect our Customers’ need for choice, so we also offer other grades in what is probably the widest stock range of Fluoroelastomer Sheet Products in Europe. Just take a look at our offering:

(66% Fluorine A & B Types)
(66% Fluorine A Type)
Viton ‘A’ Sheet + Viton® ‘B’ Sheet
+ FDA Compliant White Viton Sheet
+ Viton Closed Cell Sponge SheetSpecials’ – F, GF, ETP, 0.25mm Thin Viton® etc
made to orderViton® ‘B’ Expansion Joint Materials
+ Adhesive & Caulk Sealant.
0.5mm to 12mm ‘A’ Type Sheet
+ FKM Reinforced Nomex Insertion Sheet
+ High Fluorine content grades.


We respect your specific requirements and we will quote you the best deal for your business.

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