What are the Critical Issues Affecting Silicone Sheeting?


Do you know if your Silicone Sheets are safe to use?

‘Competitive’ Silicone has taken the market by storm and as a consequence health and safety standards are falling. It has become of international concern, the amount of sub-standard silicone in use, which has proven to be non-compliant with international food standards.

To help you understand what to look for when buying safe to use Silicone, we have compiled a White Paper, with all the issues that can arise from the use of ‘Competitive’ Silicone. We have been testing Silicone from all over the world over several years and were therefore able to create this informative report.

This White Paper explains the post-curing, thermal stability, volatile loss and the importance of Food Standard Compliance. We want to ensure that you are fully informed when making the decision as to which Silicone provider to choose.

If you are in the middle of deciding which Silicone to pick, we recommend that you give this White Paper a look. It will certainly give you a clearer idea of some of the major silicone issues, which we hope you can avoid.

You can download your own copy of “Critical Issues Affecting Silicone Sheeting” now.

If you have already purchased your Silicone and you are starting to have doubts about its efficiency, send us a small sample and we will test it for you, free of charge.

Please call us on 01777 712 400 or email lance@j-flex.co.uk or michelle@j-flex.co.uk and we will be in touch.

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