“VAC-SIL” High Elongation Silicone Rubber Sheeting

J-Flex ‘Vac-Sil’ High Elongation Silicone Sheet is a preferred material for use in forming or thermopressing:-









  • Solar Glass Panels
  • Vinyl Foil Veneers on Woodwork
  • Composites – Aerospace, F1 Cars, Marine and General

‘Vac-Sil’ is currently available in sheets 2.8 metres wide with plans for even larger sheets in the next 2 years.

‘Vac-Sil’ exhibits the following vital features:-

  • Silicone has extraordinary “drawdown” strength and resilience
    when forming complex and sharp definitions.
  • Silicone has good resistance to weathering; ozone; hot water; low pressure steam;alcohols; diethylene glycol; etc.

See Spec. for full material physical properties.

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