Vac-Sil® Quality Membranes

Solar Membranes for Photovoltaic Laminators Across The USA

J-Flex is a leading global supplier of high performance silicone sheeting products used in vacuum forming applications. Supplying customers across the USA, our product range includes Vac-Sil® Quality Membranes – preferred for use on lamination equipment for forming or thermo-pressing photovoltaic panels. Check out our Comparison Chart the latest handy guide to our Vac-Sil® range.

Vac-Sil® Quality Membranes are only available from J-Flex and offer users many advantages such as;

  • 1 piece seamless sheet width up to 3850mm wide (no weak joints or marks on lay-up)
  • Good reusability & durability when exposed to high pressures & elevated temperatures
  • Extraordinary “drawdown” stength & resilience
  • Laboratory controlled manufacturing & quality
  • Even flow of E.V.A encapsulants
  • Uniform pressure throughout solar lay-up

Exclusive to J-Flex, our Vac-Sil® Quality Membranes can last up to 10,000 cycles depending on the membrane and the usage. Full material datasheets, samples and test reports are available upon request.

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Our range of Vac-Sil® Quality Membranes

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