Be Seen – Phew! That’s a weight off your mind ……..

This is how a simple and sometimes traditional product can be improved to give major safYELLOW WEIGHT BRIDGE PROFILEety benefits.  The humble Weighbridge Rubber has been around for years in a “durable black commercial rubber”.

Foreign material such as dirt, spilled product and grit can enter the gaps at the side of weighbridge platforms, potentially causing mechanical problems. This is prevented by use of weighbridge rubber. These T-Section weighbridge rubbers sit in the gap around the outside of the weighbridge, with the top section creating a cover over the gap, to keep materials from entering.

So far so good  –  BUT because they are black colour no one can see them and as such cannot be used to help truckers line up their vehicles in the dark.

Enter J-Flex with theiYELLOW WEIGHT BRIDGE Tr bright coloured range of TPR Extrusions, and we mean really bright colours. So much so they are clearly visible as lorry headlights make it stand out.

One customer – an oat mill in Northern England – was forever experiencing time delays when trucks were loading late at night. The demands for this customer mean they work around the clock ensuring food factories receive their product on time. So to run a safe working area and help speed up loading was just what the factory was looking for.

The complete weighbridge area has been fitted with J-Flex Bright Yellow T-Section – just the job.

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