A Reminder about J-Flex Core Products

Specialised Ruber Sheet for Gasket Conversion

In this ever changing business world, we all have to react quicker, smarter and of course be competitive  – or as we like to call it deliver great value for money. J-Flex are well known for Specialised Sheet Products and Manufactured Components and in the following pictures you will see a selection of J-Flex Core Product ranges– which ones do you use?

J-Flex offers customers a fantastic choice of specialised sheet products EX-STOCK! It’s a FACT – we have over 100 special sheet items and in that respect we are very hard to beat when QUALITY really matters. And if you need any stock product immediately – or need it cutting into sheets or even gaskets – then look no further than J-Flex . We can offer you the complete service.

Our “New ImproCOMPONENTS 1ved” Rubber Moulding facility means we can also compliment the product range you offer. Whether you need Buffers or Bushes; Caps or Cups; Washers or Widgets – just give us a call. And if you get your enquiry to us before 31st April 2016, you may qualify for a massive 50% tooling funding rebate upon completion of your first production order. Or in some cases we will waived the tooling costs completely.  (Depending upon exact details of enquiry).

You will be aware that we send your company regular information updates and e-shots.  We trust  you find these useful and we confirm that in 2016 we aim to continue these mailings to provide you with essential and vital communications. At a time when businesses are focused on cost-effective and economic survival whilst seeking growth, we feel that individual contacts are more important than ever.

As always your business is our main focus and it is a privilege to be a supplier to your company. We look forward to continuing to work with your company to deliver the best quality products and services to help drive your business growth. 

To further information, for quotations and orders, please do not hesitate to call us on 01777 712 400 or email lance@j-flex.co.uk or michelle@j-flex.co.uk and we will be in touch.

Why buy from J-Flex?

If you are looking for a friendly and helpful industrial rubber products supplier with great product knowledge and excellent customer service, then you’ve come to the right place.

We supply a vast range of quality items including rubber sheet and an array of fabrications made from premium grade elastomers including silicone and Viton™ – many of which are available for next day delivery.