PVC Nitrile Sealing Section Designed, Manufactured and Delivered within ?? days

Another J-Flex Success Story


Much as we like the festive season, we actually prefer the challenges that our customers sometimes throw at us: so, combine the two and the dedicated folk that are our staff, never fail to amaze…or deliver.

As Christmas approached we got a call from one our valued customers. Bit of a panic. Needed to develop, sample and produce a PVC Nitrile sealing section for oil storage equipment. Bit of a problem. They and their end user weren’t exactly sure what size or geometry profile they wanted. Could we design, produce and deliver a sample with the likelihood of needing to make design changes following trials? Could we? Course we could!


By the time Christmas arrived we’d made the necessary design changes and set up production that would involve six tons of raw materials to provide 3,000 metres of extrusion. And all this between the time it took to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’. By January 5, and a whopping nine days ahead of schedule, we’d completed the order and sent 14 pallets off to a relieved and grateful customer.

We do prefer a normal, more regulated order to our working lives but it just goes to show that J-Flex can deliver to tight schedules when the extraordinary is required –as it often is. This example epitomises the ethos behind J-Flex. Extraordinary products, extraordinary experience, extraordinary efforts; and

always, always, working to exceed our customers’ expectations.



Product: PVC Nitrile sealing section
Markets: Oil/Petrochemical industry
Applications: Oil storage equipment


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