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J-Flex enjoys an industry wide reputation as the market leader for speciality sheet rubber products. This means bringing a wide offering to the market, not just the commodity items BUT also the really special grades such as Viton™ Sponge Rubber Sheets.

J-Flex Viton™ Sponge is a closed cell formulation that is manufactured with a continuous skin on both sides. The skin makes the sheet stronger and more tear resistant and even when the surface skin is punctured or cut; the sheets will not allow the passage of air or fluid between cells. The non-absorbent sheets are highly compressible, resilient and lightweight and therefore provide good thermal insulation.

▾ Viton™ Sponge - The Benefits

Like dense Viton™, J-Flex Viton™ Sponge is generally resistant to:

  • Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Oil
  • Fuels
  • Ozone and Weather
  • Lubricants
  • Animal and Vegetable Oils
  • Acids
  • Hot Water

J-Flex Viton™ Sponge sheets have a service temperature of -25°C to 204°C; although elevated temperatures while under compression will have an adverse effect on the resilience of this material.

Need more information? In the Downloads section, you’ll find our specifications and our Definitive Guide to Fluoroelastomers brochure. 

Viton™ is a Registered Trademark of The Chemours Company.

FLUOR-A-COM® is a Registered Trademark of J-Flex Rubber Products.

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We supply a vast range of quality items including rubber sheet and an array of fabrications made from premium grade elastomers including silicone and Viton™ – many of which are available for next day delivery.