New Product Announcement: Two new EPDM sheeting products now available

EPDM White FDA Compliant SheetBoth European produced, J-Flex is pleased to introduce two new EPDM sheets with very different properties and for quite different applications and industries.

White FDA Compliant EPDM 60° Shore ‘A’

J-Flex now offers a white FDA compliant EPDM sheet. This food quality EPDM is one you can trust. As always we’ve had this latest product independently tested and so you can trust the integrity of the product in critical food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

Please download a specification sheet here. Samples are also available upon request.

Introducing Black EPDM 25° Shore ‘A’

How soft is soft? Our 25° Shore EPDM may provide the answer to this!  Ideal where more mechanical strength is required Black EPDM FDA Compliant Sheetingscompared to sponge products on the market, this product has great mechanical strength, chemical resistance and the softness required for some tank lining applications.

You can download a specification sheet here and request a sample here

These two new products are available from stock. To find out more, please do not hesitate to call us on 01777 712 400 or email or and we will be in touch.


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