J-Flex keeps Jute Museum rolling…

Jute Mill SceneIn 1883, over 1 million bales of raw jute were processed by over 50,000 people in Dundee, Scotland. At that time, Dundee was the jute capital of the world.  Jute was made into all sorts of products, helping to fuel the industrial revolution, with big bags for potatoes; baling for cotton; ropes for tying ships to the docks and bags for your shopping.

Like many other British industries, Jute is no longer processed in Dundee. However Scotland’s Jute Museum, based at the Verdant Works in Dundee, plays a vital role in retaining the industry’s engineering history and indeed the heritage of this once proud era when jute was king and so was Dundee.

The rattle and the roar of the original restored machinery creates the perfect atmosphere of that bygone era and this is complimented with recordings of stories from the mill worker girls.

In early 2015, the Museum approached J-Flex to strip and recover some steel rollers that were part of a working machine. The rollers are used in a nip process, handling oily jute textile.  The rubber covering needed to be very hard wearing so our chemist recommended our 95/98° Shore Hard “Super Wear” Nitrile Rubber. Our proposal and quotation was accepted and 9 huge steel rollers were stripped, recovered, surface ground and delivered back to the Museum in 21 days.

A job done and another happy client.

You can visit the Jute Museum; details are available at http://www.visitscotland.com/info/see-do/scotlands-jute-museum-verdant-works-p247361

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