Being human – Meet Richard Lewthwaite

Richard LewthwaiteIn an era of everything moving online, email replacing phone calls (well not at J-Flex but generally), and businesses becoming more like faceless machines rather than a collection of human beings, we here at J-Flex want to provide something a little different. We feel that it is important to remember that not only are we a business but also real people with real lives. Here are is our first ‘being human’ article, which comes courtesy of our Regional Sales Manager for England and Wales, Richard Lewthwaite. 

Richard joined J-Flex in July 2014 and has been out and about meeting customers ever since.

So, what does Richard do when he’s not visiting customers? Away from the office Richard is an active volunteer of the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation. The photos show the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation Exercise with Derbyshire Caving Club at the Alderley Edge Copper Mines, 23 November 2014.

Richard LewthwaiteDerbyshire Caving Club has access to these mines and they are still digging them to unearth forgotten passage ways and shafts. Back in the early sixties and seventies kids were always getting lost in the labyrinth of passageways, but today it has become a safe and interesting place to visit as all access is now gated and controlled by Derbyshire Caving Club.

You can find out more about the Derbyshire Caving Club by following the link

And if you go down to the mines or caves at a weekend in Derbyshire, you never know but Richard might be down there too.

To contact Richard to discuss how J-Flex can help, you can contact him on mobile: 07966 630061 or e-mail:

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