Game Changing Solutions from J-Flex!


Did you know that J-Flex was recently involved in the development of a new board game?

The game was developed at Sheffield Hallam University for students on allied health and psychology courses as part of their studies into neuro-anatomy. Starting at the brain stem, players follow a pathway through the brain by answering questions based around brain function and conditions and the first player or team to return back to the bottom of the brain stem wins the game. So how did we help?

J-Flex was approached by the University to produce the game pieces – shaped like neurones – that players would use to show their position on the board.

Colette Beecher, Sheffield Hallam University said; “Neuroanatomy is quite challenging as a subject, and it is known that students do not always retain information from lecture format. Active learning approaches enhance engagement, and learning potential. Students report they like the fun and interactive aspects of the game as well as learning as a group and they consider it to be a very useful and a good approach to their learning”.

John Kirk, Managing Director of J-Flex explained; “The initial development of these items was done via 3D printing technology and allowed us to produce samples quickly and without tooling. Once the samples were approved the final versions were compression moulded in various different colours”.

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