Food Safe White Paper – Is your food company at risk of contamination?

Food Safety Standards logosHow do you know if your food or beverage company is at risk of contamination? Do you know which parts of your manufacturing process are most likely to wear down and affect your product? Do you know what silicone product will provide the highest reliability and longevity for optimal food safe standard?

In our new white paper, “The Importance of Being Food Safe” we answer all the above questions to enable you to make the correct decision for your business, when purchasing silicone rubber for your food manufacturing, packaging and production companies.

J-Flex has worked with a wide range of food manufacturing companies and we understand the importance of needing to get food manufacturing equipment right from the very start to ensure that the food does not get contaminated. J-Flex tests all their silicone products on a regular basis. This ensures that our silicone products are of the highest standard and retain their minimal extractable levels and volatile loss standards including internationally known ‘food standards’ FDA; BfR; EC 1935:2004 & WRAS Drinking Water.

We hope that this white paper helps you identify key areas of your business which are at a higher risk of contamination and how to ensure that your food product keeps an unaltered state. After downloading this white paper, you will be able to make an informed purchase on the most reliable and industry compliant food safe silicone sheeting, so that your product remains food safe.

If you would like more information regarding Food Safe or Food Grade silicone products and would like to talk to one of our experts, please give us a call on 01777 712400 or email or and we will be in touch.

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