Fluoroelastomer Guide, for when you need more than just an elastomer

If you’ve been in the automotive, industrial, aerospace or chemical and petrochemical industry for a while you will have no doubt heard of fluoroelastomers. Known for their reliability and endurance even under the toughest of conditions, fluoroelastomers can be the right choice when no other elastomer is up to the job.

When you are looking for an elastomer that provides the highest resistant and lowest swell rate, make sure that you choose the right fluoroelastomer for you. We have created the “Guide To Fluoroelastomers White Paper”, which explains the different types of fluoroelastomer, how to identify them and which one will work for you.

Whether you want your fluoroelastomer to have a low swell rate, work in cold conditions, hot conditions, be oil resistant or food safe, we will explain which fluoroelastomer will work for your intended purpose and we will help guide you to the right product.

Hopefully this White Paper will help with your elastomer choice and ensure that you have picked the right product that will provide you with the highest resistance and durability, even under the toughest conditions. For total peace of mind, download your White Paper today before you buy your fluoroelastomer.

If you can’t find your industry or have further questions regarding how fluoroelastomers can work for you, give us a call on 01777 712400 or email lance@j-flex.co.uk or michelle@j-flex.co.uk and we will be in touch.

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