Are you aware of current food safety legislation?

Food safe silicone products from J-Flex

Food Safe Silicone Products

You’re already familiar with J-Flex as a company that supplies high quality engineered rubber products backed by impressive service, technical advice and logistics; (our customers’ words incidentally, not ours).

Global demand for silicone sheeting and products is increasing in both the established and emerging markets, for which we’re grateful, but we have noticed relatively recently
that some new suppliers to the industry are providing sheeting that is far below the exacting quality standards that we have taken for granted. From personal experience I have seen production practices and end products in some countries that are dire and downright dangerous – to the workforce and the end user.

J-Flex has always supplied sheeting which more than meets current European and international standards and legislation. You’ve probably always assumed that but the attached brochure seeks to provide both reassurance and detailed information that will be of relevance to you and your end users. It also sets out the steps J-Flex is now taking to further reassure you of our commitment to quality materials.

This is particularly crucial when it concerns sheeting used for food and beverage production and processing.

I heard a customer comment recently, ‘all silicone sheeting is the same, so cost is my deciding factor.’ I beg to differ and as a responsible organisation you will probably want to know the substance behind my standpoint. Our brochure clearly sets out the important issues with regard to:-

• Independent test results

• Relevant European and international quality standards for food safe silicone

• Graphic proof of harmful levels of volatile loss and extraction testing in poor sheeting products

• Practical steps that J-Flex is taking to satisfy and reassure our customers

• Our J-Flex customer guarantee

Clearly we want to keep your company as one of our most valued customers and we think our revised approach to food safe sheeting will maintain our
excellent working relationship.

You can request your own personal copy of the brochure to retain as a definitive document that can be used as a technical reference and verification to
your customers of your commitment to supplying products with a known high quality provenance.

All silicone sheeting is not the same: cost is not the sole criterion!!

Why buy from J-Flex?

If you are looking for a friendly and helpful industrial rubber products supplier with great product knowledge and excellent customer service, then you’ve come to the right place.

We supply a vast range of quality items including rubber sheet and an array of fabrications made from premium grade elastomers including silicone and Viton™ – many of which are available for next day delivery.