17 reasons to choose Fire Resistant, Low Smoke Toxicity EPDM from J-Flex

Low smoke, low toxic materials are universally sought in mass transportation applications and are hailed as a potential life-saver by industry safety experts. J-Flex has now added to itsFire Resistant EPDMspecialised rubber sheet range Fire Resistant, Low Smoke Toxicity EPDM to EN45 545.

Of course as with all our industrial rubber solutions, we have ensured that our product has been fully tested. Not only is it approved to EN45 545 which is required for rail refurbishers, we also have a further 17 certifications.

You could say there are 17 reasons to choose J-Flex for your Fire Resistant, Low Smoke Toxicity EPDM. In fact Fire Resistant, Low Smoke Toxicity EPDM from J-Flex is also supplied in accordance with EN45 545/NFF 16101 /DIN 5510/BS6853/ASTM C 1166/ASTM E662/SMP 800‐C. 



J-Flex can convert sheet materials into gaskets, joints, seals, strips and pads.  This material is also available in extruded and moulded forms such as profiles, strips, sections, bellows and caps. Simply send us your specific drawings and sizes and we will quote by return.

When it comes to critical applications, you can be confident in specifying and purchasing your Fire Resistant EPDM from J-Flex.

Full test reports are available on request, simply email us.

This Fire Resistant, Low Smoke Toxicity EPDM is exclusive to J-Flex in the UK and is currently available in 2mm and 3mm thickness ex-stock.

Alternatively, for more information and to place orders, please call on 01777 712400 or email lance@j-flex.co.uk or michelle@j-flex.co.uk – as always we are here to help.

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